Chemical Peels

TCA Peel 

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TCA Peel is used for facial rejuvenation and abnormal skin pigmentation. It is suitable only for white skin. Active peeling stimulates the dermal layer of skin to produce more collagen and makes the look brighter and younger.


TCA peels improve condition of the skin, diminish enlarged pore, lessen appearance of blemishes common in older age and correct pigmentation problems caused by sun damage. Down time is about 1 week*.

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For darker skin (Asian & Black) it is advisable to have Dermamelan Mask rather than a TCA chemical peel. It does not cause excessive peeling* and can be used all year round.


Both Dermamelan Mask (performed as a single treatment at the clinic) and home care products, which have to be used for a month, contains lightenng substances that supress melanin production in the skin.




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Green Peel 

The Green Peel is a plant-based formula containing herbs, algae, enzymes and vitamins. Green Peel is very gentle and 100% natural*.


There are no side effects of the Green Peel and it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. It is aimed to diminish uneven pigmentation and to rejuvenate the skin.


Once peeling is complete (which takes 5-7 days*) you will have a pure, smooth and youthful looking skin. 


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