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HIFU – A Safe and Natural Way to Transform your Sagging Skin

Your inner beauty is much more important than your outside appearance, however, when it is combined with good looks, it is truly marvellous feeling. With advancement and beauty therapies and techniques, there are ways to get rid of all kinds of beauty flaws and make you look and feel beautiful and confident.

HIFU facelift treatment is a non-surgical method for getting rid of age related manifestations. It acts on the deeper layers of the skin and facial muscles using intensity focused ultra sound without any actual face-lifting.

• HIFU facelift is safe alternative to face lift without side effects, pain or down time.

• It is the only FDA approved procedure for skin tightening.

• It stimulates natural production of collagen to tighten, shape and contour the jaw line.

• It reduces excess skin around the eyes, smoothen wrinkles, improves epidermis, and contour the jawline

Some tightening of the skin is normally felt by the patients immediately after HIFU facelift treatment as it skin takes time in formation of new collagen in conjunction with the continued retraction of connective tissue matrix, the best results are visible in after three months. HIFU takes maximum one hour to perform and you typically need 1-3 treatments to get desirable effect and the result lasts for up to two years. Your doctor may prescribe you a mild anti-inflammatory cream, and a good quality sun block after the treatment.

Advanced beauty Clinic specializes is engaged in providing advanced beauty treatments for past 25 years and as treated nearly 8000 patient till date. The clinic is dedicated to skin tightening, lifting and anti-ageing and specialises in providing advanced beauty treatments like Hifu facelift, Skin tag and spider vein removal, PRP Dracula facial, face threading facelift, face tightening treatments and other advanced beauty treatments


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